Summer Style Guide

Our muse Marijana Odenljung shares her thoughts about trends and inspiration for summer and pre-fall 2022.


Q: What inspires you summer 2022?

A: Kate Moss and the 90s era with vintage denim, college sweaters, tank tops, pumps, transparent long dresses, red lipstick, vintage biker and denim jackets over a sparkling short dress.

Q: If you would choose four words for summer trends 2022?
A: Vintage-sexy-glam

Q: Best fashion city right now?
A: Always Paris

Q: What key pieces do you wear for summer 2022?
A: Mini skirts in pink, white or black, bodies, bra or bikini under blazer or denim jacket, monochrome looks, platform heels.

Q: What tendencies in fashion do you see for autumn 2022?
A: 3/4 high boots, low waist, bomber jackets, glam coats, maxi puff jackets, wide trousers, monochrome looks in red or blue and punk influences.