Style Portrait: Marijana Odenjung x Sisu

Marijana Odenjung works as a stylist, buyer and personal shopper. She influences through her instagram account and fusion contemporary trends with a timeless style.

Marijana wears Filippa Tracksuit & Frida down jacket

Q: What’s style for you?
A: Your style reveal who you are, what you like, how you like to live and it could take time before you find your style and feel comfortable in it. What you pick out of fashion is your style. I continuously up-to-date with trends but prefer a timeless, clean style.

Q: What inspires you?
A: I’m inspired by creative people around me, good energy, music and freedom.
Q: What’s your strategy when creating your wardrobe?
A: Always quality and wear to love and use, preferably more than one season. Combine pieces and always focus on 3-4 safe looks to vary depending on occasion and day/evening. Every season I invest in a 'statement piece’ that highlights the whole look. This could be shoes, a bag, jacket or piece of jewelry.

"I continuously up-to-date with trends but prefer a timeless, clean style".


Q: What’s the ’must-haves’ of winter 21/22?
A: A black long coat, shoulder-pads, knitted polo in cashmere, wool trousers in a light colour, high-waist, padded boots, mini-bags in bright colours and a baclava. Mix chunky and delicate jewelry!

Q: What tendencies in fashion do you see for spring 2022?
A: Turquoise, pink and black of course! Sparkly gold and silver and light blue denim, short blazers/jackets, shoulder-pads, corsets. Stripes is classic and for spring 2022 I wear it more glamorous and with silver! Into oversized bomber jackets and overall materials like leather and satin.

Marijana wears Frida Down Jacket & Cilla College Wide Pants

 Marijana wears Cilla wide pants & Frida down jacket